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Sign Petition to Eliminate “Hair-Length” Rule for Athletes

In Leadership, Malavenda, Pablo Malavenda, parenting on October 26, 2013 at 6:53 pm

HairLength Petition Flyer

Before his high school career officially began, our son was prohibited by the school principal from joining the Cross Country team or any athletic team just because of the length of his hair.

He tried out for the Marching Band, was accepted, loved it, and was awarded freshman marching band member of the year. But as his parents we were heartbroken about him not being allowed to participate on the Cross Country (Fall) or Track (Spring) teams, and had to do something about it — not just for our son but for all students with long hair today and in the future.

Our journey began on June 13, 2013 — two months before our son’s official first day of high school — when the coach  during summer conditioning informed our son that he would have to cut his hair to join the team. When we questioned the rule, the coach sent us to the athletic director who sent us to the assistant superintendent who sent us to the superintendent who send us to the principal who sent us back to the athletic director. This “finger-pointing” took about three months. Finally the principal informed us that our son was prohibited from being an athlete, the rule would stand, and the rule would not be review again until April 2014 for the 2014-15 academic year.

Since then we have started a Petition to “Eliminate the Hair-Length Rule for Athletes” and spoke at the first “Parent/Teacher Organization” meeting of the year in October 2013. Here is what we plan on doing until April:

  • Attend each PTO meeting and speak during “open discussion” to keep the issue alive.
  • Attend PTO meeting featuring the Principal — have a few parents attend to ask questions about the “hair length” rule
  • Attend PTO meeting featuring the Superintendent — have a few parents attend to ask questions about the “hair length” rule
  • Attend all meetings of the Athletic Council where they discuss next years “rules”
  • Meet with the superintendent if the 2014-15 handbook is submitted with the “hair-length” rule still included
  • Meet with the Board of Trustees if the 2014-15 handbook is submitted with the “hair-length” rule still included
  • Attend the Board of Trustees meeting when the 2014-15 handbook is up for approval — and have several parents speak against it

Here are ways you can help us:

Our son’s biggest battles should be on the Cross Country trail and the track not with the superintendent and Board of Trustees. Please join us in this cause and stand with our son.

“Be the change you wish to see” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Stay tuned. Thanks.

Additional Information:

  • Tippecanoe School Corporation, click HERE
    •  Address: 
      21 Elston Rd
       LafayetteIN 47909
    • Phone: 765-474-2481
  • TSC Board of Trustees, click HERE
  • TSC Superintendent, Dr. Scott Hanback, click HERE to email
  • TSC Assistant Superintendent, Dr. David Notary, click HERE to email
  • Harrison High School, click HERE
    • Address:
      5701 North 50 West
      West Lafayette, IN, USA 47906-9736
    • Phone: 765-463-3511
  • HHS Principal, Dr. Alan Remaly, click HERE to email
  • HHS Director of Athletics, Jerry Galema, click HERE to email

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