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Anno Nuovo – Vita Nuova

In Family, health, New Year, wellness on January 3, 2015 at 5:19 pm


I have great hope for 2015 — to be the best year in ages.

Starting the year with strong connections to family, a small group of friends I can trust, work that fulfills me, children who make me proud (and make me laugh), a partner whose got my back (and makes me laugh), the wisdom to remember the past for what it teaches and the precious memories it has created, the courage to face the future without anxiety, love to share, patience to “let it go,” and the good sense to live for today and be present in the moment — and appreciate (thank God) all of the treasures I have (and perhaps don’t deserve).

Praying for peace, justice, joy, and good health — for all.

Anno nuovo vita nuova!