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PC Pop Social Media – Update and Company Launch

In Malavenda, marketing, social media on March 6, 2013 at 2:56 pm

PC Pop Social Media

PCPopSocialMediaLogoYou may be wondering why you haven’t seen a PC Pop blog post lately. Well…I haven’t had a chance to write for myself in awhile because — good news — I’ve been hired to write for four other companies/organizations.

Although I have been consulting and creating marketing campaign using Social Media for over eight years, I have formally launched a Social Media and Marketing business – PC Pop Social Media. PC Pop Social Media offers solutions to businesses wanting to use social media to engage their clients, shareholders, colleagues, stakeholders, and employees. My specialty is working with Nonprofit Agencies to market their services and programs while cultivating a relationship with their friends, supporters, donors and volunteers. I also work successfully with educational institutions, churches, government agencies, and small businesses.

In addition to my experience with social media, I have been developing successful branding and marketing strategies for over 25 years. As a teenager I was an apprentice to a graphic designer and printer — and have had a passion for promotional design ever since.

If you’re interested in checking out my recent writing, go to this Nonprofit’s blog…

I also produce all of this Nonprofit’s eNewsletters which may be found HERE.

My specialty is working with the agency or company to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that is align with their strategic plan and incorporates both traditional and social media marketing. In addition to E-mail newsletters and blog posts, you may check out LUM’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and  Linked In accounts too. The links are as follows:


Thanks for your support from the beginning and let others know about my new company — PC Pop Social Media.

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