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Save the UConn Coop

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uconn_logo1Dear Distinguished Members of the UConn Community –

I am writing to strongly recommend that you save the UConn Coop. Please do not be tempted by a quick profit from a commercial bookstore or a sales presentation that makes promises that cannot honestly be kept in such a tumultuous time in the history of book stores and book sales — especially textbook sales. (Remember Borders, Walden Books, Tower Books, Crown Books, Bookland, etc.)
The UConn Coop has served the UConn students, faculty & extended community for so many years — with great success. There is so much value in what they have offered — member owned, member run and focused on service. The UConn Coop for decades has been offering things that a corporate bookstore would not — like supporting local authors, sponsoring book signing, hosting authors, presenting film festivals — and even replacing water damaged books in a residence hall and working with the library to offer unique services benefiting students. Most importantly they are always supporting and fighting for the students and faculty at UConn — not some international board of directors.
I am one of many alumni voices in my family — and we are all united to save the UConn Coop — and quite frankly surprised that this is even something being discussed. Whatever UConn is being offered to potentially replace the UConn Coop is NOT WORTH IT!
Thanks in advance for considering my request. Please save the UConn Coop. (I would like it to be there when my two high school age children attend UConn very soon.)
UConn 1984, 1991

Lifetime member, UConn Alumni Association

1/21/2014 Grabs Co Op Crowds by Patrick Gosselin

What Can You Do?

The Co-op needs your help! If you believe that the UConn Co-op is the best operator for the UConn Bookstore, then please share your support by writing a letter or email to:

Members of the selection committee: (martha.bedard@uconn.edu;alan.calandro@uconn.edu; eliza.conrad@uconn.edu; patricia.fazio@uconn.edu;robert.hasenfratz@uconn.edu; michael.kirk@uconn.edu;kyle.muncy@uconn.edu; sally.reis@uconn.edu)

Martha Bedard, vice provost for University Libraries

  • Alan Calandro, senior advisor and director of special projects, Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration
  • Eliza Conrad, student
  • Patti Fazio, assistant vice president for brand strategy
  • Michael George, alumni
  • Robert Hasenfratz, professor of English and chair of the English department
  • Michael Kirk, deputy chief of staff, President’s Office
  • Kyle Muncy, associate director of athletics for trademark licensing & branding
  • Sally Reis, vice provost for academic affairs, Letitia Neag Morgan Chair in Educational Psychology, & Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor

President Susan Herbst: (president@uconn.edu)

Members of the UConn Board of Trustees: (boardoftrustees@uconn.edu)

Further, our proposal for Making the Future together will be publicly available on our website so that you can see exactly how the Co-op plans to move forward. We will host a public event Monday Feb. 8th from 10 AM – 12 PM to demonstrate public support during our presentation to the university, followed by a forum to listen to your feedback and discuss further ways to support our selection as UConn’s official bookstore. Keep an eye out on @UconnCoop,Facebook page, and #SaveTheCoop for further details.

Finally, share this message via your social networks both on-line and off-line.

Mindset List for the Class of 2019

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The Beloit College
Mindset List for the Class of 2019

Students heading into their first year of college this year are mostly 18 and were born in 1997. Among those who have never been alive in their lifetimes are Princess Diana, Notorious B.I.G., Jacques Cousteau, and Mother Teresa. Joining them in the world the year they were born were Dolly the sheep, The McCaughey septuplets, and Michael “Prince” Jackson Jr.

Since they have been on the planet:class_of_2019_tile_coaster

  1. Hybrid automobiles have always been mass produced.
  2. Google has always been there, in its founding words, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible.”
  3. They have never licked a postage stamp.
  4. Email has become the new “formal” communication, while texts and tweets remain enclaves for the casual.
  5. Four foul-mouthed kids have always been playing in South Park.
  6. Hong Kong has always been under Chinese rule.
  7. They have grown up treating Wi-Fi as an entitlement.
  8. The NCAA has always had a precise means to determine a national champion in college football.
  9. The announcement of someone being the “first woman” to hold a position has only impressed their parents.
  10. Charlton Heston is recognized for waving a rifle over his head as much as for waving his staff over the Red Sea.
  11. Color photos have always adorned the front page of The New York Times.
  12. Ellis Island has always been primarily in New Jersey.
  13. “No means no” has always been morphing, slowly, into “only yes means yes.”
  14. Cell phones have become so ubiquitous in class that teachers don’t know which students are using them to take notes and which ones are planning a party.
  15. The Airport in Washington, D.C., has always been Reagan National Airport.
  16. Their parents have gone from encouraging them to use the Internet to begging them to get off of it.
  17. If you say “around the turn of the century,” they may well ask you, “which one?”
  18. They have avidly joined Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione as they built their reading skills through all seven volumes.
  19. Attempts at human cloning have never been federally funded but do require FDA approval.
  20. “Crosstown Classic” and the “Battle of the Bay” have always been among the most popular interleague rivalries in Major League Baseball.
  21. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny has never been the official song of the Virginia Commonwealth.
  22. Phish Food has always been available from Ben and Jerry.
  23. Kyoto has always symbolized inactivity about global climate change.
  24. When they were born, cell phone usage was so expensive that families only used their “bag phones,” usually in cars, for emergencies.
  25. The therapeutic use of marijuana has always been legal in a growing number of American states.
  26. The eyes of Texas have never looked upon The Houston Oilers.
  27. Teachers have always had to insist that term papers employ sources in addition to those found online.
  28. In a world of DNA testing, the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington has never included a Vietnam War veteran “known only to God.”
  29. Playhouse Disney was a place where they could play growing up.
  30. Surgeons have always used “super glue” in the operating room.
  31. Fifteen nations have always been constructing the International Space Station.
  32. The Lion King has always been on Broadway.
  33. Phoenix Lights is a series of UFO sightings, not a filtered cigarette.
  34. Scotland and Wales have always had their own parliaments and assemblies.
  35. At least Mom and Dad had their new Nintendo 64 to help them get through long nights sitting up with the baby.
  36. First Responders have always been heroes.
  37. Sir Paul and Sir Elton have always been knights of the same musical roundtable.
  38. CNN has always been available en Español.
  39. Heaven’s Gate has always been more a trip to Comet Hale-Bopp and less a film flop.
  40. Splenda has always been a sweet option in the U.S.
  41. The Atlanta Braves have always played at Turner Field.
  42. Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have always been members of NATO.
  43. Humans have always had implanted radio frequency ID chips—slightly larger than a grain of rice.
  44. TV has always been in such high definition that they could see the pores of actors and the grimaces of quarterbacks.
  45. Jones and Mr. Smith have always been Men in Black, not their next-door neighbors.
  46. Their proud parents recorded their first steps on camcorders, mounted on their shoulders like bazookas.
  47. They had no idea how fortunate they were to enjoy the final four years of Federal budget surpluses.
  48. Amoco gas stations have steadily vanished from the American highway.
  49. Vote-by-mail has always been the official way to vote in Oregon.
  50. …and there has always been a Beloit College Mindset List.

PLUS: A Little Millennial Jargon 

In fairness to the class of 2019 the following are a few of the expressions from their culture that will baffle their parents, older friends, and teachers. They might even baffle YOU.  (You can find translations further down.)

  1. They need to plan ahead so they don’t find themselves “dankrupt.”
  2.  A heavy dose of “Natty Light” has always caught up with them in the morning.As long as they can find a ballpoint pen they can use their “redneck teleprompter.” 
  3. As long as they can find a ballpoint pen they can use their “redneck teleprompter.” 
  4. “Smartphone shuffles” have always slowed down traffic between classes. 
  5. “Vatican Roulette” has always been risky but acceptable. 
  6. A significant other who is a bit “too Yoko Ono” has always created tension.  
  7. “Quiche” has everything to do with hot and nothing to do with food.
  8. “Trolling” innocents on social media has always been uncharitable. 
  9. They’ll know better than to text their professors “TL DR” about assignments
  10. Slurring “textroverts” have always been a fact of social life.” 

 And Last, Your Personal Explainer

Baffled by the Millennial jargon you’ve just read? Feeling old? Here’s a glossary that will end your bewilderment and make you feel hip!

1. They need to plan ahead so they don’t find themselves “dankrupt.”

  • One of a variety of painful declarations that we are out of weed

 2. A heavy dose of “Natty Light” has always caught up with them in the morning.

  • It may taste great and be less filling, but there are limits.

3. As long as they can find a ballpoint pen they can use their “redneck teleprompter.” 

  • The bigger the back of your hand, the more notes you can include, but don’t get caught looking.

4. “Smartphone shuffles” have always slowed down traffic between classes. 

  • One can avoid all eye contact as one moves through the madding texting crowd.

5. “Vatican Roulette” has always been risky but acceptable. 

  • If you’ve got rhythm and like your planning natural, then Vatican Roulette is the game for you.

6. A significant other who is a bit “too Yoko Ono” has always created tension.  

  • A partner too hard to handle…hard for your friends to compete with perfection

7. “Quiche” has everything to do with hot and nothing to do with food.

  • Turn down the heat. Some people are just so hot they enhance the appetite.

8. “Trolling” innocents on social media has always been uncharitable. 

  • Cynical and bullying attacks on happy campers, preserved on the internet, may come back to haunt you

9. They’ll know better than to text their professors “TL DR” about assignments

  • …and just hope their professor doesn’t scribble back to them, about their own papers: “TOO LONG: DIDN”T READ.”

10. Slurring “textroverts” have always been a fact of social life.

  • If you’re too drunk to say it face to face, you probably should wait until morning before you start texting. 

The Beloit College Mindset List, which this year is as old as the entering students themselves, is created by Ron Nief, Emeritus Director of Public Affairs; Tom McBride, Emeritus Professor of English; and Charles Westerberg. Additional items on the list as well as commentaries and guides are found at www.beloit.edu/mindset and www.themindsetlist.com. Regular updates and discussions are on Facebook and Twitter (@MindsetList).


Copyright© 2015 Beloit College

Mindset List is a registered trademark

Tax-Free Holiday is Needed in Indiana

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Please Sign Petition for a Tax-Free Holiday in Indiana!

Click HERE.

NYLiBFmPIpBympy-800x450-noPadThis weekend – dozens of US states are not charging state income tax on “back to school” needs — but NOT Indiana. Such a simple gesture by lawmakers — is making a significant impact on the budgets of thousands of families — who NEED it. Tax-Free Holidays is one small way to give parents, grandparents, families a little bit of a financial break — at a very stressful time of year for hardworking families who struggle financially.

Education is Important

Since working at Lafayette Urban Ministry — I have learned that most families want the best for their kids, work very hard, and are still struggling. And families who struggle financial — absolutely hate certain times of year. Back-to-School is one of them. Parents want to give their kids the resources it takes to have a better life than they. The key to breaking the cycle of poverty is EDUCATION.

Education is Expensive

But to get the best education you need money — yes, even in the public school systems.

  • FIRST kids need the basics — books, pens, trapper keepers, calculators, computers and more. Indiana Public schools charge families $500+ a year per child just for textbooks — and they rarely have enough books for all of the students.
  • SECOND, kids want to fit in — so, they need new & stylish clothes, smart phone, the latest athletic shoes, tickets to athletic events, tickets to dances, clothes for dances and more.
  • THIRD, extra-curricular involvement costs a lot of money — band, sports, and even student council, debate team, and service clubs require special equipment, uniforms, team photos, snacks, tickets, tournament fees, travel expenses and more.

Research proves that kids get a better education when they have the right supplies, don’t have anxiety about fitting in, aren’t bullied because they are poor, AND are able to participate in athletics, band, music, clubs and organizations, dance, and sporting events. News flash — ALL OF THIS IS EXPENSIVE.

National Retail Federation says on average, parents of kids in grades K through 12 will spend $670 on school supplies this year.  That includes clothes, shoes, and electronics.  PLUS in Indiana — public school “book rental” fees are typically $400+ per child — and if you have a high school athlete or musician, it’s another $40-100 not including personal equipment, tickets to games, team photos, and snack donations. School is very expensive — even public school.

Boost to the Economy

There is also evidence that it boosts the economy. Families love it, Retailers love it — so, if you’re a state legislator, why wouldn’t you just do it? They are very popular — all you have to do is go shopping in a Tax-Free Holiday State — and you will see excitement in the mall. It’s a great idea. Tax-Free Holidays have been adopted by conservative and liberal state legislatures. This is not a democrat or republican issue — this is a way to support families. This is a way of demonstrating as a public official that you acknowledge families, you support families, you support education and you actually want to have a positive impact.

US States with Tax-Free Holidays for 2015:


  • Alabama Tax Free Weekend – August 7-9
  • Arkansas Tax Free Weekend – August 1-2
  • Connecticut Tax Free Weekend – August 16-22
  • Florida Tax Free Weekend – August 7-16
  • Georgia Tax Free Weekend – July 31-August 1
  • Iowa Tax Free Weekend, August 7-8
  • Louisiana Tax Free Weekend, August 7-8
  • Maryland Tax Free Weekend, August 9-15
  • Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend, August 15-16
  • Mississippi Tax Free Weekend, July 31-August 1; September 4-6
  • Missouri Tax Free Weekend, August 19-25
  • New Mexico Tax Free Weekend, August 7-9
  • Ohio Tax Free Weekend, August 7-9
  • Oklahoma Tax Free Weekend, August 7-9
  • South Carolina Tax Free Weekend, August 7-9
  • Tennessee Tax Free Weekend, August 7-9
  • Texas Tax Free Weekend, August 7-9
  • Virginia Tax Free Weekend, August 7-9

Please sign this petition asking our Governor and state legislature to pass a similar law in Indiana. PLEASE SIGN & SHARE!



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